Liquid Homes

1 July - 6 August 2022

About this series 

Liquid Homes: Building, Living and Other Stories of Hong Kong Fishing Villages – a research, curatorial, and design collaboration that explores the culture of Tanka people and their fluid state of living and building, presenting stories from a long overdue reading of the other Hong Kong.

The research focuses on three fishing villages, Tai O, Kat O and Po Toi O, and their sense of “liquid-ness” – physical yet elusive, subjected to constant changes. It denotes the condition of Hong Kong as an entity borne by water, as well as its people’s floating identity. However, the urge to conquer or devalue substances of “temporality”, a definition of flux and the lack of solidity, reflects the questionable need to dominate water whilst annihilating water, which resembles the power dynamics in any binary value systems.