cucurrucucu x RNH Space: 

Waste Not


25 September - 23 October 2021


Artist Statement

My subconsciousness likes to challenge my taste: I like rules, but can be often distracted by disobedient thoughts; I am loyal to rationality and truth, but cannot just let go of stranger things. Collage comes after me unleashing my subconsciousness; it is also a desert island where I can land when drifting between these two states of mind. Through cutting and reorganization, printed images that transcend time and cultures are assembled into novel imageries: some are absurd and ludicrous, some carry on my romanticism, and some may cross the line of what can and cannot be told. Realities are already so complicated and abundant, so why not just make the most use of them? The collage works are made with vintage magazines I collected in San Francisco. Their unique frames are from second-hand shops I visited across Hong Kong.


About cucurrucucu

cucurrucucu is a millennial nomad who makes art out of used and discarded materials. She graduated from San Francisco Art Institute, and currently lives and works in Hong Kong. She functions differently in daytime, and only appears after dark to make art.



Waste Not is the first chapter of the series Reality Overdose, which gathers three image-based exhibitions, demonstrating individual experiences of how our self-awareness and understanding of life are confined by the realities which we are born into, and how we can use such realities as vessels for authentic self-expression.

Reality Overdose, curated by Yang Jiang, is part of Satellite Exhibitions by Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2021.



First Edition Podcast Interview

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