Reality Overdose


25 September - 12 December 2021

Curatorial Statement

Reality Overdose is a series of three image-based exhibitions, a discourse on personal identity and fundamental existence.

In Waste Not, cucurrucucu uses images from ready-made printed materials to break down the reality they once represented to extend to new imageries, an approach to unbosom herself as she wanders between conflicting understandings of her own reality. In You Can’t Walk This Earth Forever; Someday You Will Have To Fly., Starry Kong photographs animated beings and scenes to which she is deeply connected and provides glittery and phantasmagoric visual effects, reflecting on her contemplation of her significance in the larger scheme of the universe and meanings of life in the face of death. In Till Love Do Us Part, Liao Jiaming works with images of the human body and cityscape to create photo installations. He questions the social norms that hold the reins to our understanding of ideal lovers, and seeks liberation from such a formula from the perspective of queer identity.

Reality Overdose as a whole demonstrates individual experiences of how our self-awareness and understanding of life are confined by the realities which we are born into, and how we can use such realities as vessels for authentic self-expression.


在展覽「咕記夜冷」中,cucurrucucu將印刷品既成圖像重構,拆解為挑戰現實或延衍現實的出奇景觀,藉此表露自身在日常真實中感受的矛盾、拉扯與跳脫。在展覽「你無法永遠行走在這地球上,總有一天你需要飛翔」中,Starry Kong 透過攝影記錄令其產生感觸的生命體和場景,這些閃閃發光、如夢似幻的影像,實質反映其沉思:自身之於宏大宇宙的存在價值,以及死亡面前的生命意義。在展覽「直至愛使我們分離」中,廖家明借用人體圖像、城市景象創作攝影裝置作品,表達因社會規條操控我們對「完美情人」之想像的質疑,並以酷兒身份的角度,讓想像得以從這種既定限制中尋求解脫。


Reality Overdose, curated by Yang Jiang, is part of Satellite Exhibitions by Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2021.

Exhibition Period

Chapter 1.
cucurrucucu x RNH Space: Waste Not  咕記夜冷
25 September - 23 October, 2021, RNH Space, Hong Kong

Chapter 2.
Starry Kong x RNH Space: You Can’t Walk This Earth Forever; Someday You Will Have To Fly  你無法永遠行走在這地球上,總有一天你需要飛翔
24 - 29 October, 2021, RNH Space, Online Exhibition

Chapter 3.
Liao Jiaming 廖家明
x RNH Space: Till Love Do Us Part  直至愛使我們分離
30 October - 12 December, 2021, RNH Space, Hong Kong

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