Liao Jiaming 廖家明 x RNH Space: 

Till Love Do Us Apart 


30 October - 12 December 2021

In Till Love Do Us Apart, Liao Jiaming used images of human body and cityscape to create photo installations, questioning the social norms that hold the rein to our understanding of ideal lovers, and seeking liberation from such formula from the perspective of queer identity.


Performance by Liao Jiaming
30 October 2021, 5pm at 7/F JCCAC


“Repetition maximum” (RM) is a concept in weight training, referring to the most weight you can lift for a defined number of exercise movements. The performance is a voyage through time and space. Led by the artist and different media, surveying the bodies of our own and others, we re-evaluate the weight of our torsos in the society of the spectacle filled with digital images.

* For those who wish to participate in the entire performance, please note that the artist will depart from JCCAC at some point then take viewers all the way to RNH Space, where the finale of the performance will take place.


About Liao Jiaming 廖家明

Liao Jiaming lives and works in Hong Kong. He obtained his BA in Journalism from Sun Yat-sen University in 2016, and his MFA in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong in 2019.

He is interested in human emotions, especially which evoked by social relation, and technology development. Making and manipulating images, he shuttles back and forth between the physical world and the virtual world, practising the course of beingness at the time. His work has been shortlisted in Awards including WMA Master, HK Human Rights Art Prize, etc.




Till Love Do Us Apart  is the third chapter of the series Reality Overdose, which gathers three image-based exhibitions, demonstrating individual experiences of how our self-awareness and understanding of life are confined by the realities which we are born into, and how we can use such realities as vessels for authentic self-expression.

Reality Overdose, curated by Yang Jiang, is part of Satellite Exhibitions by Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2021.



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