Chan Ka Kiu 陳嘉翹 

Chan Ka Kiu (b.1995 Canada, Toronto) is a Hong Kong based artist. Graduated in year 2017 from Chinese University of Hong Kong Fine Arts Department. Focusing on intangible mundane bizarreries in mortal secular lives, Chan romanticizes daily scenarios in playful but honest puns. In a physically eco-unfriendly industry, Art, Chan attempts to be a ditally eco-friendly artist making good use of this generation’s over-flooding still and moving images produced everyday.  Chan’s previous exhibitions includes solo exhibition “Don’t come so fast, darling” (Hong Kong Art Basel 2019, Parasite) “A Tree fall in the woods and no one’s there” (Shanghai PSA 2018).

陳嘉翹 (1995年生於加拿大多倫多, 現居於香港) 2017畢業於中文大學藝術系。陳氏用浪漫的玩味誠實地探討關於生活情節的輕重,並以影像和裝置作為主要媒介,描述她生於的世代/地方的態度,以藝術為方式去練習敏感。陳氏曾參與的展覽包括個展「慢慢嚟啦,打令」(香港巴塞爾藝術節, Para Site展位, 2019)),聯展「林中的樹倒下而没有人在」(上海當代藝術博物館,2018) 。

Exhibition at RNH Space

2021 - Chan Ka Kiu 陳嘉翹 x RNH Space: Shivering Torso, Mellow Marrow 夏娃的肚臍
(on hold)

2020 - Shitshop999 x RNH Space: You Are Not Alone 你不是一個窿


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